Food, Equipment and Suppliers that I use

leveret being weighed
Credit Susan Sroka
10 - 12 day old Leveret

Beaphar Kitty Milk Powder

Pets at Home Store: Nationwide.
Local Pet Stores.

Beaphar Kitten Nursing (bottle) kits
Pets at Home Store: Nationwide.
Local Pet Stores.

Rabbit Excel complete pellets (Junior and Adult)

Fresh Hay
Alfalfa Nibbles
Salt Blocks
Dried field flowers

All from: Pets at Home Store: Nationwide
Local Pet shops.
Veterinary Surgeries.

suitable cages
Credit Susan Sroka
Cages - use for day and/or night only housing,
during the hand rearing to release period.

Avipro micro-encapsulated
Veterinary Surgery.

Fresh greens etc.
Dandelion leaves, flowers and roots.
White and purple clover (leaves and flowers, though NOT THE PURPLE FLOWERS apparently the PURPLE flowers can in some cases cause diarrhoea.
Fresh Herbs: some leverets like parsley, basil, coriander, mint, thyme.
Kale: curly or flat.
Carrot tops.
Pea shoots.
Fresh grassed area for grazing.
Ears of corn/wheat/barley.
Dried corn/wheat/barley.


outside run
Credit Susan Sroka
Hutch and run used during the day for the leverets
from 4 weeks through to release.
cage, milk, feed bottle
Credit Susan Sroka
Kitty Milk, bottle and carry container
used during the milk feeding stage.